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Registration closes in 1 week in order to put the schedule together and obtain referees. June 21


Target United Cup 2019 Q&A

What will the price be?

8U - $30

10U - $30

12U - $35

13 and up - $40

How will teams be formed?

When players register through the PSC website under the Target United Cup registration tab, they will indicate the coach that they have been playing for during the PSC summer 2019 season. Teams will then be formed keeping players from the same team on the same Target Cup team (as much as possible).

Indoor players are able to participate and will be assigned to a team.


Is this a coed tournament?

The Target United Cup will not be a coed tournament. If needed, male teams may be permitted to allow up to three female competitors to play with them, however, males are not permitted to play on the female teams. We will try to keep all females on female teams, however, this may not always be possible if we have a low number of players.


When will the tournament take place?

The tournament takes place over the course of three days, August 9, August 10, and August 11.


What jerseys will the players be wearing?

Players will be wearing the “NEW” PSC uniforms they purchased in 2019. Only these uniform kits will be permitted.


Where will the games be held?

All games will be held in Palmer. Most games will be held at the Sherrod fields, playing on the same fields our players have been playing all year. Some variety of fields may be used for the older age groups specifically. *Depends on the number of games that need to be scheduled.


Who will be participating in the tournament?

Recreational Teams will be coming from all over Alaska. This is a super fun opportunity for recreational players be able to play and meet other players from other soccer clubs.


What exactly is the Target Cup?

The Target United Cup is a large recreational soccer tournament that is held all over the lower forty-eight. We have the opportunity to take part in the very first Target United Cup in Alaska, hopefully a tournament that stays up here for a long time! Check out this link for more information


Who will be coaching? Can I coach?

Coaches will be drawn from the current volunteer pool that we have been coaching this summer at PSC. If you’re a coach that is interested in coaching a tournament team, please reach out to to express your interest.


Can my players play up or down in age?

Players will be playing in their respective age for the tournament, if they are dominating their age, let them take home the trophy for their team! As usual, players are prohibited from playing down in this tournament, as this would be unfair in the tournament’s competitive environment.

Birth certificates or another acceptable legal form of proof of true age will need to be supplied to PSC in order to participate in this tournament, prior to being placed on a roster for a team. This is standard for any participant in any other recreational soccer program.


How can I register my player for the tournament?

Registration is now live at PalmerSoccerClub.Com. Go ahead and start the process by signing your player up!


When will a schedule go up?

The schedule will not be available until all other clubs have registered their teams and after registration closes. The tournament brackets can not be made until we get all of the teams signed up and it is known how many teams there will be participating.


2019 Outdoor Information
Posted Nov 29, 2017

Outdoor Registration Opens March 15

Closes April 30

Required New PSC Uniforms

$85 per player

Activities take place at the Sherrod Soccer Complex. 
(Scroll down for the tentative schedule.)

Season Overview
Date last week of May  Field Clean Up/Coaching Education Courses May 18

May 28 & 29 Meet & Greet       

TBD Skills Clinics (included with summer registration) Times will be set after rosters are completed

May 28 Group practice    June 6 Games Begin
 Summer Camp (separate fee from summer registration)
 No scheduled activities on July 4th only

 Final Week  Tournaments for older age groups.

TARGET UNITED CUP  August 9-11  -Recreational Tournament Hosted by PSC and open to AYSA recreational clubs


2019 Outdoor Soccer Age Groups/Practice & Game Times
Groups may vary depending on registration numbers

Birth years 2014 (5U) Monday and Wednesday  5:30-6:30

Birth year 2013 (6U)  Practice/Game Monday and Wednesday  5:30-6:30

Birth year 2012 (7U) Practice Monday and Game Wednesday 5:30-7:30

Birth Years 2011 (8U) Practice Monday  5:30-6:30 or  7:00-8:00  Games Wednesday 5:30-6:30 & 7:00-8:00

Birth Years 2009/2010 (U9/U10) Practice Tuesday 5:30-6:30 or 7:00-8:00 / Game Thursday 5:30-6:30  or 7:00-8:00

 Birth Years 2008/2007 (U11/U12) Practice Mon 6:00-7:00 or  Wed 6:00-7:00 Games Thurs 6:00-7:00 or 7:00-8:00

Birth Years 2006/2005 (U13/U14) Practice Monday 5:30-8:00 TBD  /  Game Wed 5:30-8:00 - Updated

Birth Years 2001-2004 (U15-U19) Practice Tues 5:30-8:00 /  Game Thurs 5:30-8:00 



2019 Outdoor Season
    If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.