2020 Outdoor Information

Palmer Soccer Club
2020 Summer Soccer

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Final Week Game Schedule
August 3-6

*First team listed should wear blue and second team should wear white.  Please bring both jerseys incase teams are short and need to borrow players.* 


Monday 5:30
Davis vs Riggs Field 8 West
Mondrell vs Deal Field 9 West

Wednesday 5:30
Riggs vs Deal Field 8 West
Davis vs Mondrell Field 9 West

8U (Carmichael's team will meet on Field 2 and be placed with a team)

Monday 5:30
Pitney vs Utkin Field 1
Layton plays self Field 3 (Rain Game make-up)

Tuesday 5:30
Utkin vs Layton Field 3
Pitney plays self Field 1 (Rain Game make-up)

Wednesday 5:30
Layton vs Pitney Field 1
Utkin plays self Field 3 (Rain Game make-up


Monday 6:45
Alberton vs. Rausa Field 9
Vail plays self Field 8 (Rain Game make-up)

Tuesday 6:45
Rausa vs. Vail Field 8
Alberton plays self Field 9 (Rain Game make-up)** Coach Alberton cannot make this time so any players wishing to play will have a substitute coach.  

Wednesday 6:45
Vail vs. Alberton Field 8
Rausa plays self on Field 9 (Rain Game make-up)


Monday 8:00 Alberton vs Rausa Field 10

Wednesday 8:00 Rausa vs Alberton Field 10 


Monday 8:00 3V3 games Field 7

Thursday 7:00 Final Game and 19U Season Awards Field 7


                    Scholarship form below when complete please email to

          secretary@palmersoccerclub.com and registrar@palmersoccerclub.com

PSC 2020 Outdoor Season Scholarship Form.doc 

2020 Birth Year Age Groups
Posted Jun 1, 2020

2020 Outdoor Soccer age Groups/Birth Years
Groups may vary depending on registration numbers.
Age groups are based off of birth year.  
*Example: 5U is for ages 5 and under. A child born on 2/2/2015 and a child born on 11/2/2015 would be in this age group since their maximum age in 2020 will be 5 years old. 


Current age groups for 2020 season

6U, 8U, 10U, 13U, and 19U

2020 Outdoor Coaches
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    2020 Outdoor Player Registration
      If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.